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( blouse, oasap denim shorts)
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(gradient geometric dress, tribal pattern bag)
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(floral crop top, white cabrillo skirt, platform wedge sandals)
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(crochet floral corset, oasap denim skirt)
my mom saw me with this skirt and she said she had one exactly like it when she was my age. i guess i’m 20 years late on the trend. 
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i am loving these super rad high-waisted shorts from sheinside. they’re so perfect to wear during the summer. and it’s really fun walking into people with these shorts and poking them with the spikes on the side.
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i should probably quit it with the cropped tops
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(oasap tiger graphic sleeveless tee - $23.90, sheinside blue rivet pockets shorts - $30.97, american eagle boots, plndr bag)
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going out and about 
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find this cute daisy tee on! 
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(lace button front corset, oasap candy color skater skirt)
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it seems as if i’ve been hoarding a lot of sweaters lately, but it’s impossible to stop. thanks to cozbest for sending me this ribcage one! i’m sure i’ll get a lot of wears out of it. i first saw the sweater on the official wildfox couture website for about $100-$200, and i seriously wanted to cry. so happy to be able to get my hands on it! 
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so these adorable bow tights ($8) are the second pair of tights i got to pick out from brave store. i got them the same time as my gun tights, which i already did a post on here. the bow tights are definitely more girly, but i like having the variety because they’re so much fun to dress up an outfit with! 
in the picture, i just wore the tights with a circle skirt and black wedges. i would love to have a pair of creepers these with, though. i feel like they would just be the perfect match with something like a skater dress and a leather jacket. anyways, just like the gun tights, these do run small just in case you’re thinking of purchasing them. but i definitely recommend them!
p.s. use code “melancholylove" for 10% off your order at brave store. :3
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been so in love with these gun stockings i’ve seen around for ages, and i finally got them. mega thanks to jane from brave store for sending them to me! go check out her store and if you’re going purchase something, feel free to use my code “melancholylove” for 10% off. (:
as for the stockings, they’re definitely the cheapest around for only $8. they do run pretty small, i’m almost 5”2 and they fit me perfectly length-wise. can’t wait to wear these out more often!
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i could wear this hat everyday